Events Cancelled


It is with a heavy heart that i announce we must cancel this weekends events. I’ve prayed, i’ve hoped, i’ve run the numbers, I’ve watched the snow or lack thereof. There are so many others in the midwest in the same situation that we are.

I did a visit to the hill tonight and it is in really rough shape. Keith had said if it rains there is no chance. As we were leaving it began to rain, it looks like we are going to have heavy rain storms tonight and tomorrow, there will be no snow left.

I am hoping this will give you enough time to plan an away trip for points. If you have a score from last years nationals that will help you as well. Here are some events within driving distance:

2/25 – Appalachian Series @ Seven Springs
Slopestyle, Half Pipe (9 hour trip super fun place)

2/26 – SnowOhio Brandywine Resort
Slopestyle, BX1, BX2

2/26 – Midwest Best at Sunburst
Slopestyle 2, Rail Jam 2

2/26 – Great Lakes Snow Series @ Treetops

A great trip would be to Seven Springs for events Saturday and then hit Brandywine on the way back. you could get in 2 Slopestyle, 1 Half Pipe, 2 BoarderCrosses

March 4
Midwest Best @ Sunburst – Rail Jam & Slopestyle

Great Lakes Snow Series – Cannonsburg

I really truly wish this had been a better weather season. Please know that we have done everything to give you all a good season.

Remember that if you attended last years nationals your scores will count towards Nationals Ranking for this season invites. I’m available to strategize with any of you that are trying to get to nationals.