Warm Weather Challenges


I spent the day yesterday going through our results sheets, who is going to Nationals, who needs points in what discipline, etc. AND FREAKING OUT looking at the weather outlook.

What I came up with…our last and final events for the season will be Feb 25 & 26th…

Saturday, Feb 25 = HP1, HP2, RJ2
Sunday, Feb 26 = HP3, HP4, GS2, SL3

We WILL NOT host events March 4 & 5th. Most likely this will be our last weekend open for the season. If you need more points for Nationals i encourage you to find outside events to travel to.
Midwest Best has a Slopestyle and Rail Jam on March 4th.
SnowOhio Series has 2 BX and 1 Slopestyle event on March 5th.
I would encourage you to register early for these if you plan on needing them.

Remember your 3 best scores make up your Nationals Score. You will have the best advantage with 3 scores in the specific discipline you are trying to qualify for. We have seen people with 1 or 2 events get an invite. Do not fear this will be the time of your life and will be a blast!!!

The half pipe is more like a trick ditch. We are doing the best we can with what we have.

And this is if we have enough snow. They are calling for rain on Mon, Tue, Thur, Friday of this week. I’m praying the weather man is wrong. With these temps and rain it will be difficult to maintain snow. There is still no guarantee but we will do the absolute best we can to make it happen.

We will need the coaching forms filled out and payment this weekend. If you need to post date a check that is okay.

We are super excited to take a team to Nationals this year!!! AND WE’VE ORDERED THE BASEBALL JERSEYS FOR OUR UNIFORMS WOOT WOOT!!!

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